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With deep regret we wish to let visitors to this web site know that our colleague Rafe Sagarin has died and while we are keeping the web site in his memory it is no longer being updated. If you have any questions please contact :

Speaking Engagements

One of the most important ways we test the ideas behind Natural Security is through discussions with a wide range of audiences, from security think tanks, to universities, to corporations and your local bookseller. Please contact Rafe Sagarin, Ph.D. if you have an idea for a venue. We are also pleased to share our insights with news media or to make educational presentations to groups.

"Sagarin and Taylor's Natural Security searches for the roots of political stability by studying interaction in its most fundamental forms, from genes and cells to ideology. This fresh, bold book heralds a vital integration of evolutionary analysis with real-life problems."

—Richard Wrangham, Ruth B. Moore Professor of Biological Anthropology, Harvard University

6.17.2010 | Center for Homeland Defense and Security, Introduction to Homeland Security Course
6.23.2010 | Keynote Addess at the Office of Naval Research Global Operational Adaptation Conference
2.23.2010 | Center for Homeland Defense and Security, Executive Leaders Program
12.23.2009 | Office of Naval Research
12.18.2009 | Lacy Suiter Policy Forum
2.13.2009 | AAAS Annual Meeting
4.29.2009 | Natural Security at Google
4.7.2008 | Natural Security at the Regulator
4.10.2008 | Natural Security at AAAS