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With deep regret we wish to let visitors to this web site know that our colleague Rafe Sagarin has died and while we are keeping the web site in his memory it is no longer being updated. If you have any questions please contact :

Links to stories on Natural Security

We are happy to share our ideas with various media. There are many potential angles to cover.

Here are a few of the very thoughtful pieces that have been done on Natural Security:

Article by Tom Beal

2.13.2008 | New Scientist

Interview of Rafe Sagarin by John Whitfield

Interview of Rafe Sagarin by Chris Schneidmiller

Interview of Rafe Sagarin and Terry Taylor

Op-Ed on Natural Security by Terry Taylor and Rafe Sagarin

Article featuring quotes from Senator Gary Hart and Ellen Laipson, by Virginia Gewin

4.22.2008 | AAAS

A discussion of Natural Security by Benjamin Somers

4.18.2008 | Grist

Interview of Rafe Sagarin, featuring the fabulous "Nervous Nelly" by Michelle Nijhuis

Article by Martin Rychlik for the (Czech)

9.1.2003 | Foreign Policy

An early formulation of the Darwinian security concept by Rafe Sagarin